Dividend History of Pokhara Finance Limited (PFL)

Dividend History of Pokhara Finance (PFL) - Nepalese Investor

Pokhara Finance (PFL) dividend history ranges from 0% to 51.05% within the last eleven fiscal years. The company distributed its highest dividend of 51.05% in the fiscal year 2071/72, the company had distributed 48.5% bonus shares and 2.5% cash dividend for that year.

Pokhara Finance (PFL) has distributed dividend to its investors at an average of 12.87% per year to its investors. The company had skipped dividend for two fiscal years 2068/69 and 2069/70. When compared to other companies listed in NEPSE, PFL has distributed satisfactory returns to its shareholders over the year.

Dividend History of Pokhara Finance Limited (PFL)

The table below presents the dividend history of Pokhara Finance Limited (PFL) since FY 2067/68.

Fiscal YearBonus Shares (%)Cash Dividend (%)Total Dividend (%)
Pokhara Finance Limited (PFL) Dividend History

About the Company

Pokhara Finance Limited (PFL) is among the oldest finance companies currently operating in Nepal with Head Office at New Road, Pokhara. The finance company PFL is licensed as “C” class financial institution which banking services to the different sectors like industries, trade, business, priority sector, small entrepreneurship, deprived sector of the society and every other people who need banking services. 

Pokhara Finance (PFL) has 10,409,199.00 units shares listed in NEPSE and has market capitalization of NPR 3.41 Billion. Authorize Capital of Pokhara Finance is NPR 1.5 billion where 51% ownership held by promoters and 49% by general public.

As per the latest financial report of Pokhara Finance Limited (PFL) for fiscal year 2078/79,the company has posted a net profit of Rs 10.10 crores and has a distributable profit of Rs 5.58 Crores. The company has earning per share ( EPS) of Rs 9.73 and net worth per share of Rs 137.38. Dividend Capacity of Pokhara finance is 5.36% for fiscal year 2078/79.

Key Financial Ratios of Pokhara Finance Limited (PFL) for fiscal year 2078/79

Earning Per Share (EPS)Rs 9.73
Net Worth Per ShareRs 137.38
Dividend Capacity5.36%

Key Financial Ratios of Pokhara Finance (PFL)

Share Price of Pokhara Finance (LBL) as on 27 September 2022 is Rs 328.00 per share.

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