Opening Price Range of Aviyan Laghubitta

Opening Price Range

The opening price of Aviyan Laghubitta Bittya Sanstha Ltd. will be between Rs. 105.36 to Rs. 316.08. As per the latest financial report of fiscal year 2077/78, the net worth per share of Aviyan Laghubitta is Rs 105.36. Nepal Stock Exchange ( NEPSE ) has set a rule that minimum opening price of a stock shall be equal to its book value ( net worth per share ) and maximum price can be 3 times the value of net worth per share.

So, Nepalese Investors who have been allotted with the IPO Shares of Aviyan Laghubitta Bittya Sanstha can trade its shares on opening day within the price range of Rs 105.36 – Rs316.08 !!

Estimated Key Financial Ratios of Aviyan Laghubitta for FY 2078/79

Fiscal YearEarning Per Share ( EPS )Net worth Per Share
2078/79Rs 11.78Rs 115.05
Key Financial Ratios of Aviyan Laghubitta

About the Recent IPO

Aviyan Laghubitta had recently issue 9,75,000 unit IPO Shares to the general public at the par value of Rs 100. Out of the total offered units, 12,500 units were for the employees, 48,750 units for the mutual funds and remaining for the general public.

91,375 applicants were allotted with 10 unit shares of the company via luck draw.

What is opening price ?

Opening price is the price at which stock/share of a company is traded for the first time after it is listed in stock exchange. It is determined on the basis of key financial ratios of a company. So opening price of different companies are not same due to this reason.

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