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How To Earn Money Online In Nepal With Minimum Investment ?

Earn Money Online In Nepal

Are you searching for ways to earn money online in Nepal ? With increasing globalization, it is now possible to work online from anywhere to earn money. By working remotely you can earn thousands of dollars and live a better life.

Working online to earn money has several advantages like it saves cost, provides you enough time to spend with your family and makes you independent. And the amount of money you can earn online has no limit. There are a lot of people who have become millionaires working online. 

Though all the methods of working online to earn money cannot be relevant or easy in Nepal. Here, we mention to you some of the best suitable and proven methods to make money through the internet. For this you will need a stable internet connection, computer or laptop and a smartphone.

Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online in Nepal

  • Video Sharing
  • Blogging  
  • Freelancing    
  • Bug Bounty    
  • Share Market

Video Sharing

Earning Money Online through video sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook or TikTok has been common in Nepal. By fulfilling the minimum criteria of 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers within a year, you can monetize your videos on YouTube to make money.

It goes similar to Facebook and TikTok as well. After fulfilling the qualifying criteria, you can start generating income on the basis of views, engagements and subscriptions.

The amount of money you can earn online in Nepal depends on the content you make, customer base, views and engagement. So, it is much better to start creating videos targeting a global audience for a wider audience base and engagements.

But you must create videos on quality content that engages the audience. This will increase your face value which will help you make money via other ways as well.


Blogging is one of the popular ways of making money online worldwide. By creating a website and writing articles, blogs or news on the topic you are interested in, you can start generating income.

It requires minimum investment on domain name and hosting or you can start for free from Bogger. If you plan to create your own website then you can also get the domain name of your name for free from Mercantile Communications and you will have to invest some amount on hosting. 

If you write quality contents with search engine optimization then your blog will start generating traffic. This in turn helps you to qualify for monetizing your blog with Google AdSense.

Earn money online in Nepal

While writing content you must choose the category or topic you are writing on. The category determines the amount you can make online after generating traffic and qualifying for Google AdSense. You can also check the earning potential according to category on Google AdSense.


Freelancing is where you work on a third party site for the task depending on your skills. The pay check here can be $5/hr,  $100/hr or even more depending on what you are working on. 

Tasks can be translation, transcription, data entry, web design, graphic design, social media management, search engine optimization and various others. You can set your own wage or upon the conditions of the platform you are working on.

Popular platforms for freelance work in Nepal are :

  1. Appen 
  2. Upwork
  3. Fiverr

Bug Bounty

Many websites, organizations and developers like Facebook, Microsoft offer a deal or compensation to individuals for reporting bugs on their websites and software. These compensation can range from $500 to millions of dollars depending on the exploits and vulnerabilities. 

Many people including Nepalese have been awarded several times for their contribution in finding bugs in websites. This requires no investment but your time and skill to find an error and contribution in creating an error free website or software. 

Share Market

Share Market is one of the best ways to earn money online. A lot of new investors have entered into the share market recently and have made a decent amount of money. With minimum investment and proper financial knowledge and technical analysis you can generate income in two ways.

First is by selling shares at a price higher than you bought. This is the classic strategy – Buying Low and Selling High.

Second is by collecting dividends paid by the company in the form of bonus shares or cash dividends or both. Usually paid after book closure by companies can range from 1% to more than 100% depending on the finances of the companies.

You can initially start by investing in IPOs in the primary market and after having an idea about how the share market works, you can enter the secondary market. You can start investing in the share market with Rs 1000 in the primary market and Rs 10,000 can be good enough to start in the secondary market.


It’s now easy to Earn money online in Nepal due to increasing globalization and internet penetration in Nepal. Choosing to work online, you can work on different  jobs at the same time which can help you build multiple sources of income. By working on this you can develop skills to make you independent and your own boss. 

And there are more options if you choose to work online which requires your time, dedication, hard work and consistency. With these anything is possible and your dream of earning can become fulfilled. 

Do you think we missed some of the best ways of earning money online ? Please mention some you know in the comment below.

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