Easy Process to Transfer Balance in Nepal Telecom (NTC)

NTC Balance Transfer Process

Nepal Telecom (NTC) is the leading telecom service provider in Nepal with more than 20 million subscribers. NTC offers various features to its users and balance transfer is one of them. Transferring balance from NTC to NTC can be done in two ways, one via USSD code and other through Nepal Telecom App.

NTC to NTC Balance Transfer Via USSD Code

Balance transfer in NTC through USSD is an easy process. For this you need to have your eight digit security code. After this you have to follow the simple process on your Mobile’s Dialpad.

Process to transfer balance in Nepal Telecom (NTC) via USSD Code:

  • Type *422*Security Code*Mobile Number*Rs. Amount# and Dial. Your balance will be deducted and transferred to the number you wanted to.

NTC to NTC Balance Transfer Via Nepal Telecom App

Balance transfer from NTC to NTC can be easily done via Nepal Telecom App which you can download from Play Store or App Store. Download NT app from this link.

Process to transfer balance in Nepal Telecom (NTC) via NT app:

  • Click on the transfer balance tab you see on the app.
  • Enter the mobile number and amount you want to transfer.
  • Enter the OTP Code (One Time Password) and Click Validate OTP, the amount will be transferred.

You can follow the above mentioned fast and easy process to transfer balance if you are a NTC user.

Note: Balance transfer service is available only for NTC to NTC, Prepaid GSM users.


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