NEPSE to Close Stock Trading on Friday From Ashwin 2079

NEPSE close on Friday

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has decided to close the operation of stock market on Friday. The Board of Directors of NEPSE in a meeting held on 19th Bhadra decided to stop trading of shares on Fridays from the month of Ashwin. However, in the month of Bhadra stock market will still operate on Friday for two hours.

Nepalese Investors have been requesting for closing the two hours trade on Friday claiming that it is of no use and was affecting the market. So, NEPSE has decided to close trading on Friday.

Previously the market used to run from Sunday to Thursday, but after the government’s proposal to issue public holiday on Sunday. NEPSE operated the market from Monday to Friday. But after the cancellation of public holiday on Sunday, the market will now operate as it used to in the past.

So, From Ashwin NEPSE will operate from Sunday to Thursday and the timing will be 11 AM to 3 PM. And the market will be closed on Friday.

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