Nepal Life Insurance Company (NLIC) Proposes 15.7895% Dividend for fiscal year 2077/78

NLIC Dividend 2077/78

Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (NLIC) proposes 15.7895% cash dividend for fiscal year 2077/78.The cash dividend proposed by NLIC will be distributed only after approval by BEEMA SAMITI and the companies upcoming AGM.

NLIC has proposed dividend for fiscal year 2077/78 recently. The company has proposed cash dividend amounting to NPR 1.29 Billion after one year on 15 September 2022. 0.7895% of this amount will be for tax purpose of cash dividend.

Nepal Life Insurance Company had posted a net profit of Rs 53.59 crores in the fiscal year 2077/78. The company had earning per share (EPS) of Rs 7.44 and price earning ratio (P/E ratio) of 257.80.

Meanwhile the company has posted a net loss of Rs 35.27 crores in the fiscal year 2078/79. Earning Per Share (EPS) of NLIC for fiscal year 2078/79 is -Rs 4.30.

NLIC proposed dividend for fiscal year 2077/78 on 30 Bhadra 2078, Do you think NLIC will distribute dividend for fiscal year 2078/79 as well ?

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