Opening Range of Super Madi Hydropower Limited

Opening Range of Super Madi Hydropower

Super Madi Hydropower Limited had recently issued IPO shares to the general public including project affected locals and Nepalese in foreign employment. The company had issued 31,50,000 unit shares through IPO to the public and has already concluded allotment process via lucky draw. Investors who have been allotted with the shares of Super Madi Hydropower Limited might be curious to know about its opening range.

Shares of Super Madi Hydropower Limited will be soon be listed in NEPSE and then it can be traded afterwards in secondary market. Here, we will discuss about the first transaction price of Super Madi Hydropower.

Opening Range of Super Madi Hydropower

The listing range of any company in NEPSE depends on its book value per share. As from the offer letter of Super Madi Hydropower, we can see that its book value is Rs 99.86 for FY 2078/79. And the first transaction of companies listed in NEPSE can be done at up to three time its book value.

Hence, the listing or opening range of Super Madi Hydropower will be from Rs 99.86 (lower range) to Rs 299.58 (upper range).

About the Company

Super Madi Hydropower is located in Kaski District, Gandaki Zone of Western Development Region of Nepal. This hydroelectric project is a simple Run-of-River scheme that utilizes the flow in Madi River. The proposed project has installed capacity of generating 44MW of electricity, design discharge of 18m3/sec and net head of 295m. The total net energy production will be 243GWh annually and electricity generated from this plant will be connected to the Integrated Nepal Power System (INPS) at the Lekhnath Sub Station.

Name of ProjectsSuper Madi Hydroelectric Project
Type of SchemeRun-of-River
Installed Capacity44000kW
Electricity generated license receivedFalgun 17, 2073
Generation Valid DateFalgun 16, 2108
Total Projected CostNPR 8.35 Billion
Cost per MegawattNPR 18.97 crores
Detail information of the Company

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