10 Best Small Business Ideas in Nepal

Small Business Idea in Nepal

Starting a business is a dream of every individual as everyone wants to escape a nine to five job, secure their future and be their own boss. Many people want to start their own small business with their ideas rather than to work for a big company because of the advantages it comes with owning a business. Benefits of working for yourself are very huge and the profits you can make have no limit.

To start a business at first you need to have a solution for a problem and a willingness to work hard enough to achieve those dreams. You can start a business with small capital and work for yourself if you are motivated enough to achieve your dreams.

To help you figure out some small business ideas, we have listed out some best small business ideas for Nepal in 2022.If you think we have missed some best ideas, please let us know in the comment.

Best Small Business Idea Online
Small Business Idea Online

1. Social Media Management –

 The job here includes creating and managing creatives with meaningful contents over social channels, collaborating with influencers, providing service, managing online conversation with customers and measuring and reporting social media performances. 

Social Media Management holds a significant value in performance and growth of any business and nowadays many businesses in Nepal have understood its importance and have started searching agencies or people with such skills. 

You can start your own social media management company at low cost and deliver value to companies trying to build an online presence.

2. Graphic Design

Every business needs graphics to build an offline or online presence. With knowledge of design tools or by hiring one with such skills you can operate a graphic design company at a small cost. Because all brands need graphic design to convey information to its customers, clients.

3. Ecommerce –

Online sales has emerged after the pandemic and it’s not going to settle down. You can start selling online with your website, social media channel and by advertising online to your target customers. 

Revenue of ecommerce companies is increasing day by day and you can also share a part of it with a small investment. What you need to do is develop a plan, evaluate your market and competition and select the best and in demand products.

4. News/Blog Website –

You can start writing about what you like the most and earn money  with that. It’s better if you write about one topic and give the best contents. You can write about investment, food, fashion, health, entertainment and build your own audiences. When you have build your audience, you can monetize your blog by showing advertisements for google, facebook or local companies. You can also start affiliate marketing once your blog starts generating results and gathering audiences.

B. This business idea is perfect for those who enjoy farming and have some space in the backyard of home. With minimum investment and time, you can start your own mini business.

Small Business Idea Farming

5. Mushroom Farming –

You can start farming mushrooms in your own house or by building one in your backyard. But you must ensure that you can control temperature and supply enough ventilation in the room. The cost of starting this farming business can be as low as Rs 50,000. You can get training for this from your nearest agencies, similar businesses owners or through online for free.

6. Poultry Farming –

You can start farming hens at your own house or backyard with a small investment of as low as Rs 10,000. You can choose to farm hens either for egg or for meat. As there is high demand for meat and eggs in Nepal you can make profit with proper training and patience. 

Before you start farming you must have some basic knowledge about the feeding process of foods, medicine and temperature control for hens.

 7. Organic Farming –

People have become health conscious and are willing to pay more price for vegetables that are fresh and organic. You can start farming organic vegetables in your farm or backyard and sell at price higher than the market assuring that the vegetables are fresh and organic. You can participate in local agencies training or research via google before you start organic farming.

C. This is the idea for those who enjoy cooking and wants to serve customer directly by opening a store and by employing some staff. You can start this small business with minimum investment of up to 1 lakh or more.

Small Business Idea Fod

8. Tea Shop –

Nepalese are a tea lover and spend a lot more money for tea, coffee. People gather with friends at tea shop and spend plenty of time drinking tea. You just have to focus on the taste of the tea and service you provide. Setting up tea stall or shop can beneficial depending on the location and customer base.

9. Momo Stall or Shop –

Momos are the favorite food of nepalese and they consume it daily because of its taste, cost and availability. With minimum investment of up to Rs 1 lakh, you can start a momo shop or stall. Producing the momos with authentic taste and special flavor, you can build your customer base and grow your business along with time and will also depend on the business location you choose.

10. Home Bakery

Home bakery is a small scale business plan and you can grab the market easily for sales. First of all you need to have knowledge about producing baked items and using the bakery equipment.

You can choose to produce baked items like cakes, cookies, breads and sell them at local events, shops, restaurants, tea shops or cafes. Along with this you can take online orders for your product through social channels or websites.

Conclusion –

So, these are some small business ideas for those who enjoy cooking and want to serve customers directly by opening a store. By employing some staff you can start these businesses with a minimum investment of up to 1 lakh or more. You can also attract investors to invest in your ideas which can help you run business smoothly.

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