How Much is the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Prize Money ?

FIFA have allocated $440 million as a prize money for Men’s FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. This money will be shared among all the 32 participating teams on the basis of their performance and position. Each participating team have already received $1.5 million in preparation cost from FIFA. After the tournament is over, each team will receive their share from the prize pool of $440 million.

Out of $440 million prize pool, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Champions will receive $42 million in prize money and the remaining amount will be shared by the other participating teams. Here you can see the breakdown of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Prize Money.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Prize Money

The table below presents the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Prize Money breakdown as disclosed by FIFA.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022Prize Money
Winner$42 million
Runner Up$30 million
Third Place$27 million
Fourth Place$25 million
Quarter Final$17 million
Round Of 16$13million
Group Stage$9 million
Total$440 million
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Prize Money

FIFA World Champions 2022 will receive $42 million, runner up will receive $30 million and the team to finish third and fourth position will receive $27 million and $25 million respectively. Similarly teams to reach quarter final and round of 16 will receive $17 million and $13 million each. Those teams who were eliminated from the group stage will get $9 million each from FIFA.

FIFA had collected record revenue of $7.5 billion¬†by selling sponsorship packages for the 2022 tournament. Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai-Kia, Qatar Airways, Visa, the Wanda Group, Hisense, McDonalds, BYJU’S and Budweiser are the sponsors for this Men’s World Cup.

France the FIFA World Cup champion in 2018 had received $38 million in prize money from FIFA. For 2022, FIFA has increased $4 million in prize money for winners. Here, in the table below you can see the amount received in prize money by previous world champions.

FIFA World Cup ChampionPrize Money
2018$38 million
2014$35 million
2010$30 million
2006$20 million
2002$8 million
FIFA World Cup Champion Prize Money

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